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U.S Consulate invites volunteers to community cleanup exercise


By Prisca Sam-Duru


Ahead of the commemoration of World Environment Day, the US Consulate in Nigeria, in partnership with the Mandela Washington Fellowship Program, the YALI Regional Leadership Centre as well as the YALI Hubs in Nigeria have invited volunteers to sign up for its Clean Up Nigeria activity.

In a press release, the US Consulate said “the specific call which is for volunteers within Lagos state is in preparation of the commemoration of the World’s Environment Day coming up on Saturday, June 5, 2021.”

“The two months long cleanup program commencing on June 5 will see us working to ensure that our environment remains a clean, safe and protected space for us all. The US Consulate in Nigeria has also committed to awarding the top 5 outstanding volunteers for the project with a certificate of commendation issued in their names.

Volunteers with interest or skills around Community Sensitization, Market and Neighbourhood Clean Ups, Recycling, Purchasing and Exhibition are invited to apply,” it stated.

To join the Consulate for the community centred project, interested volunteers are to sign up via

Also, all the volunteers must be available for a virtual on boarding session via Zoom at 4pm on Saturday, May 22, 2021.

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