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By Osa Mbonu-Amadi


You believe in blood sacrifice.

So does Jesus and many people.

Igbos have sacrificed too much blood for Biafra.


You believe that sacrifice of one human being will give you success,

But the bloods of millions of Igbos have been sacrificed for Biafra.

Why do you think Biafra will fail?


Stop killing Igbos.

The more you shed their bloods,

The more you make the coming of Biafra inevitable.


Stop killing Igbos.

You could not wipe them out in the 1960s,

When they were all together in Eastern Nigeria.


You cannot wipe them out now

That you have scattered them all over the world

Like the Jews.


Like the Jews,

The world had indeed treated the Igbos badly


But now,

The world will understand our pains,

And join us to say to Pharaoh:


Stop killing the Igbos,

And ‘let my people go’.

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