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I gave up my seat on Titanic sub

By Jon Rogers

A MAN has revealed he gave up his set on the Titanic sub after Stockton Rush boasted he had bought “expired” materials “at a discount” to build it.

Arnie Weissmann, the editor-in-chief of Travel Weekly says he spoke to the OceanGate CEO just days before the fatal expedition that killed all five people on board.

It’s claimed Stockton Rush, pictured, bought ‘expired’ materials at a ‘discount’ to build the sub

Weissmann had originally been set to join the expedition earlier this month to see the wreck of the Titanic but he was forced to pull out due to scheduling clashes.

He has now revealed more evidence that Rush apparently cut corners when developing the vessel.

According to Weissmann, Rush boasted about how he had bought carbon fibre for the sub “at a big discount” because “it was past its shelf life use in planes”.

He told the Washington Post: “I responded right away, saying, ‘Don’t you have any concerns about that?’

“He was very dismissive and said: ‘No, it’s perfectly fine. Having all these certifications for airplanes is one thing, but the carbon fibre was perfectly sound.'”

Experts have previously said how carbon fibre was a poor choice of material for the sub.

Using materials past their expiry date could have made the sub even more susceptible to problems, some have claimed.

Experts have also suggested that water could have seeped into the space where the carbon fibre met pieces of titanium.

Source: The Irish Sun.

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