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Unilever’s World Largest Energy Efficient Lighting Building

The Unilever headquarters in Hamburg is the world’s largest building with exclusively energy-efficient LED lighting. The building, designed by world renowned sustainable architect, Stefan Behnisch, was opened in 2009.

The Unilever building houses its 1200 headquarters employees and at the same time meets the highest environmental standards according to environmental scientists.

Eco-property is in vogue now in developed countries, especially in Germany. According to a survey carried out by Jones Lang LaSalle consultancy, “40 percent of Germany’s companies intend to pay attention to climate protection in future when looking for offices or other premises.”

Such eco-properties are not only easier for property developers to market; they are also good for a company’s images, says one source. As a result, private developers in Germany now build low-energy houses, passive houses, or what they call plus-energy houses which produce more energy than they can use.

For instance, “The Sun Ship” located in Freiburg, Germany’s “Solar City” is the world’s first solar plus-energy residential and commercial centre with its roofs and facades functioning as solar power plant.


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