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Understanding why Trump is raising false alarm

The key to understanding why President Donald Trump is crying wolf without any shred of evidence of fraud in the ongoing vote count in the US is to a grasp of day-of-vote and mail-in-vote.

In the United States Electoral Law, voters have the right to either go to the polling vote on election day and cast their votes personally, or use the Post Office to send in their votes. These two processes are fraud-proof in line with the best American electoral transparency tradition.

Due to the spike in coronavirus pandemic in the United States which has killed over 200, 000 Americans due to Trump’s mishandling of the virus, many voters chose to vote through mail to avoid being infected at the polling stations.

Majority of those mail-in-votes were Biden supporters as had been detected because Biden, who had adhered to all the Covid-19 protocols, had advised his supporters to vote through the mail, while President Trump who had always flouted the protocols, had encouraged his supporters to go and vote personally on election day.

In counting, the rule is to first count the day-of-vote ballots before counting the mail-in-votes. So, as the day votes were being counted, Trump and his supports who understandably had more day-of-vote ballots mischievously went to town shouting they had won the election, even before counting had started for mail-in-votes.

By the time mail-in-votes began to be counted and Biden started to upstage Trump, Trump and his supporters approached the courts to try to stop the mail-in-votes from being counted. Interestingly, in states where they believed Trump still had votes in the mail-in-votes, Trump and his supporters are chanting “count the votes!” “count the votes!”.

It will be recalled that even before the election, President Trump had done everything to suppress and discourage mail-in-votes and his supporters also had threatened Democrats and scare them away from coming out to vote.

Trump’s marginal lead is not only dangerously narrowing in Georgia, a traditionally Republican state, but also in Pennsylvania where Donald Trump is holding onto 50.7% of the vote counted while Biden is 48.1% for Biden).

In Georgia, also traditionally Republican, Trump is at 49.6% while Biden is closing in with 49.1%.

In Arizona, 50.7% of the votes counted are for Biden while 47.9% is for Trump.

In Nevada, Biden is leading with 49.3% of the votes counted while Trump is trailing behind with 48.7%.

So far, Biden is leading with 253 electoral votes while Trump is trailing behind with 213 electoral votes with huge prospect of even surpassing the mark.


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