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Biden wins Michigan, shoots up to 253 EV against Trump’s 213

Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, has dramatically won the state of Michigan, garnering additional electoral votes that moved him up to 253 while Trump remains at 213.

By this latest result, analysts say Biden is seriously “knocking at the door of the White House”. A candidate needs a total of 270 electoral votes to win the American Presidential election.

Already, President Trump has gone to court in an effort to stop ongoing vote counting in Pennsylvania where even Trump himself is leading.

Although vote counts are still ongoing in key state of Arizona, Biden is on the lead there with 51.0% of the vote counted while Trump scored 47.6%.

Votes in states of AK, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania are yet to be called.

If Biden holds on to Arizona and clinches Nevada, he is the next president of United States of America, analysts say.

In a broadcast a few minutes ago, apparently in response to Trump’s strategy of raising false alarm, Biden said although he is not declaring victory for himself, he is confident he is going to win the election. He promised again he would reunite Americans so that there would be no red or blue states, but one United States of America.

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